We thought to let you know that the current gold value is higher than it’s been for over ten years, therefore it’s an excellent time to consider our remodelling service.

If you have you been thinking about having a piece of jewellery that carries sentiment or value remodelled so that it can once again be worn and enjoyed, or maybe you just have something that you’ve fallen out of love with that could be made into something new to wear and adore, now would be a great time as your scrap gold – whether it’s large or small bits – can seriously add up to quite a lot of money.

We offer a free consultation and design service for remodelling jewellery. If you have any old gold, we give you 100% of its scrap value. This is quite unique as there is usually a percentage taken from commercial companies.

This gives you the highest amount of money possible so that we can make a new beautiful piece of jewellery for you. You’d be surprised at what we can do!


Here’s just one example from one of our lovely customers…

‘I am so thrilled with the beautiful red enamel and diamond bangle that you made for me using the diamonds taken from my late aunt’s ring. It is a really special piece of jewellery as not only do I have the sentimental family connection but it has been so beautifully made. The setting of the diamonds are so smooth that they do not catch and make it a pleasure to wear. The rich deep red enamel sets the diamonds off beautifully and the finished bangle goes way beyond my expectations. Thank you so much Peter for making such an outstanding piece of jewellery yet again and something I shall always treasure.’ – Heather S.

Please give us a call for an informal chat on 01326 290050, or email office@noblejewellers.com