Peter and Sandra share the love of making things – we’re in it together. You entrust us – it’s our privilege.

Our process

Working together with you, we start with your idea, choice of stone or design. Whether you provide the gemstone or we source it for you, everything is unique so you will be the only one wearing that piece of jewellery. We make sure you are involved from the outset, and will guide through the design process.

Then we source that particular stone, visiting and buying direct from the best miners or the best cutters. Sourcing unique pieces that may be completely one-off shapes. We’re always looking for something with an edge, a bit special and unusual, whether that’s fine baroque Tahitian pearls or a fancy cut Paraiba tourmaline.

We use time honoured traditional methods which helps to keep the heritage of Britain’s jewellery making industry alive. Whether you just want to sound out an early idea or wish to send across a drawing of a sophisticated design, Peter and Sandra explore your design concept together in an informal and open dialogue. The work unfolds organically from there.

”I am thrilled with how my opal ring has turned out. It is so beautiful and balanced and the enamel colour sets off the glittering stone brilliantly. I absolutely love it, I will treasure it as a family heirloom and enjoy wearing it every day. Peter, you are an amazing artist and craftsman and I feel very, very lucky to have two stunning rings made by you”
Isolde Pullum

“I’d lusted after your jewellery every time I passed you at a show. I was immediately drawn by succulent colour combinations, the stones and the enamel — there are few people that do it so well. I’m going to be really happy to pass this jewellery on; it should be kept for years to come as a legacy.”
Fiona Carmichael

“My ring looks absolutely amazing. The discussed concept was accurately executed, to the best advantage for the stone itself, with complementary, beautifully deep-coloured enamel. My son (who chose the stone for me) absolutely loved it — both the idea and the realisation. A job so well done.”
Alla Romanenko

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