We create beautiful, unfading, rare jewellery
for you to treasure. One at a time and unique to you.

We make jewellery to delight you

With rare gemstones, organic shapes and vibrant natural colours.

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We specialise in rare and precious gemstone such as Paraiba tourmaline, black opal and natural-colour Tahitian and South Sea cultured pearls; stunning sapphires, fine and natural-colour diamonds.


All of our fine diamonds are guaranteed to be from conflict-free sources and we strive to source ethically across the board. The diamond policy was established over 20 years ago, long before it became part of general public awareness. In all bespoke rings we work with a minimum grade of E/F colour and VVS clarity — this is just one grade off flawless and is of exceptional fine quality — that’s why they sparkle so much!

Also we specialise in working with undyed pearls, which again is completely different to all commercial work which is routinely treated. Absolutely all of the material that we work with is of fine grade for example a minimum of 18ct gold; working with gold bullion and incorporating sumptuous vitreous enamels and hand engraving to make each piece exceptional.

We make jewellery that captures meaning and in which we see significant increases in value as an authentic legacy. Everything is made to be beautiful, comfortable, well designed and functional, with a high aesthetic and intrinsic value.

As well as commissioned work we carry a range of constantly evolving new collections together with a timeless range of enamel and diamond work in 18ct white and yellow gold, which is highly collectable.

Also available is our remodelling service which is extremely popular with many of our customers who have pieces of jewellery that they have either inherited or no longer suit/fit them but carries sentimental value (perhaps to the person who wore them or who gifted them and would like to honour that personal value by using them in a new design that suits who they are now). We share our expertise and experience offering free design consultation for remodelling.


“They have the recipe and the focus just right, and every piece is unique and high-end quality. They know their customers well, they care about how the jewellery is made and where they source the materials. They want you to love it. You end up feeling special.”
Tania Corriea